LeSean McCoy ‘not happy that meeting with D.A. was leaked’

LeSean McCoy was scheduled to have a meeting with the Philadelphia district attorney on Tuesday, but the Buffalo Bills running back’s representatives canceled once it was revealed the session would happen.

According to John Gonzalez of CSN Philly, McCoy’s camp is “not happy that meeting with D.A. was leaked” and called off the meeting due to the impending media circus to follow.

Gonzalez adds that Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president John McNesby was upset McCoy had a meeting anyway, calling it “bizarre” for the D.A. to personally meet with a potential defender or his lawyer.

This all stems from a recent incident at a Philadelphia establishment where members of McCoy’s group had a disagreement with another party, which included three off-duty police officers, over a bottle of champagne.

Two of the officers, Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler, were ultimately treated at local hospitals for injuries.

Since then, the Philly D.A. has “pushed back” against an arrest warrant for McCoy. That reported decision drew criticism from a “high-ranking Philadelphia Police official,” who says the D.A., Seth Williams, is frightened and wants this case to go away.

In summary, McCoy’s representatives are unhappy a meeting the Philadelphia FOP believes is unfair and shows preferential treatment was leaked.

This case will continue to linger on without a resolution until Williams makes a decision. As of now, no charges or arrests have been filed, and McCoy has maintained he did not participate in the fight.

Although the general public can demand a ruling happens right now, the Philadelphia D.A. will and should take all the time he needs. In the meantime, we should all hope the process is carried out in the proper manner.