LeBron James teams up with HBO on documentary chronicling exploitative nature of college sports

On Monday, HBO announced a documentary entitled “Student Athlete,” which reveals “the exploitative world of high-revenue college sports. The documentary, which was produced by LeBron James’ media company, will premier on October 2 on HBO.

This film figures to be quite interesting, and likely will generate plenty of discussion about the NCAA’s longstanding status as a non-profit organization that somehow profited over $1 billion last year while abstaining from paying the student-athletes people tune in to watch.

James, of course, skipped college altogether, going pro right out of high school before the NBA installed the new rule that players must attend at least one year of college before being drafted. He’s also been highly critical of what he calls the “corrupt” NCAA.

Likely, there will be plenty of eye-opening content further illustrating that point of view in the upcoming documentary.