LeBron James’ bald-headed Instagram post tripled revenue for rapper Tee Grizzley

By Jesse Reed

Two days after LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals, The King was back in the gym. Sporting a new look, sans hair on his head, James blasted rapper Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” in the background.


While James’ bald head has gotten all the attention on social media and the media in general, the song he blasted has apparently gotten a fair amount of attention as well.

Tee Grizzley was approached by TMZ Sports, and he told the gossip rag he’s seen sales numbers for that song triple since James featured it on Instagram.

“The song already had millions of views on YouTube, but the ‘LeBron Effect’ has brought a ton of new fans (and customers) to Grizzley’s music … and he shows us the financial impact by whippin’ out $80k CASH in the middle of the airport.”

Star power, combined with the power of social media, is clearly at work here.

Though we’re not exactly sure the numbers add up, Tee Grizzley told TMZ Sports that James now has free tickets for life to any of his shows.