LeBron James’ agent on impending free agency: ‘All options will be evaluated’

LeBron James is going to be the most highly coveted NBA free agent in years when the 2017-18 season comes to an end. And according to his agent, Rich Paul, all options are on the table when his unrestricted free agency kicks into high gear.

Paul, speaking on the The Hoop Collective’s AMC Podcast with Amin Elhassan, Chris Haynes and Marc Spears, made it clear his client will explore every opportunity.

“You know us well enough. I know my role and what my job is to do as the free agent. LeBron has a job to do right now which is to win another championship. He’s playing at an unbelievable level right now. When the season ends, however it ends, at such time we’ll get together and we’ll go over things with a fine tooth comb and all options will be evaluated. But right now, no, we’re far away from that. LeBron’s a pretty smart guy, the ultimate professional. At the right time, whenever that time is, we’ll decide what’s going to be what. It could be a two-minute conversation, it could be a three-day conversation.”

James has been strongly linked to the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, among other teams.

Though he’s currently maintained a laser-guided focus to helping the Cleveland Cavaliers make the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive year, we suspect all signs of loyalty will be kicked to the curb next summer. He’ll have his pick of NBA franchises that can compete for a title, and nobody should be surprised if he ends up joining another superteam to further his legacy.