Chandler Parsons Thinks LeBron James is Leaving the Miami Heat

Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons does not think LeBron James will stay with the Miami Heat. Parsons, who recruited Dwight Howard to Houston, thinks LeBron will have a different jersey on his back soon.

In the video below, Parsons goes on the record during a segment on ESPN’s SportsNation and discusses LeBron’s situation.


Why is Parsons all of a sudden a LeBron expert? No one really knows. It could be Parsons way of stirring up controversy before the free agent market hits, letting those free agents know that Houston wants them.

Of course, Parsons would likely have to leave Houston if they plan on dropping a big contract on someone like Carmelo Anthony. Either way, Houston is in a tough spot as they need to find ways to improve so they can make a run to the top of the Western Conference next season.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to prepare for “LeBron James overload” this Summer. Rumor is ESPN is about to launch a new channel: ESPNLBJ.

ESPN might need to add a new channel this Summer... Photo: Sportsnaut.com

ESPN might need to add a new channel this Summer… Photo: Sportsnaut.com

Photo: CBS Sports