Lance Stephenson on what he missed about Indiana: Hooters, ‘for the conversation’

Depending on where you sit regarding the Lance Stephenson debate, he is either a national treasure or a national pariah. There’s really no middle ground here.

Now two games into his return to the Indiana Pacers, Stephenson is again making some noise. Late in Tuesday’s blowout win over the Toronto Raptors, he went against unwritten NBA rules. It resulted in an altercation between the two Eastern Conference Playoff contenders (more on that here).

An enigmatic personality, Stephenson is also one of those people who really doesn’t give a darn. He magnified that to a T with a recent comment about what the veteran missed most while away from Indiana.

“It’s for the conversation. Sometimes you need someone to talk to.”

Yes, because that’s why us men frequent Hooters. It’s definitely why I hit up the joint every once in a while here in Vegas. It’s all about the conversation and tremendous food, right?

Stephenson surely is a character. He’s also brought toughness back to a Pacers team that had been missing it without him. It is, however, good to know he’s up for a solid conversation while chomping on some wings at Hooters. Who wouldn’t be?