Knicks owner James Dolan insists he’s not involved in basketball decisions

James Dolan

New York Knicks owner James Dolan heads one of the most dysfunctional franchises in all of professional sports, but he insists he isn’t meddling in basketball affairs.

“No, no,” Dolan said when asked during an appearance on Fox 5 if he’s engaged in basketball decisions surrounding the Knicks (h/t ESPN’s Ian Begley). “It’s all Phil (Jackson, Knicks team president). It’s all Steve (Mills, Knicks general manager)…. I’m working on my music, they’re working on the basketball team.”

Music, eh? Curious minds would love to know more about that. But we digress.

Given the current direction of the team (it’s all bad), maybe Dolan should get involved again — sort of kidding. He has been more of a hands-on owner in the past, but since hiring Phil Jackson he says stepped away from any of that.

Though, since Dolan took over, it’s pretty much been all downhill. In the 16 seasons he’s owned the team, New York has made the playoffs just four seasons. Since Dolan hired Jackson to make all the decisions, the Knicks haven’t made the playoffs once.

Worse still, they appear to actually be getting worse as they chase Cleveland in the east, and Jackson has alienated his best players.