WATCH: Kevin Na aces No. 14 during practice round of British Open

Kevin Na

When Kevin Na steps up to the  par-three 14th hole during Thursday’s first round of the British Open, he’ll do so with fond memories.

Na teed off on the 14th hole during Wednesday’s practice round. He knew the shot was good as soon as he hit it. How good? As it turned out, really good.

There are two schools of thought here.

One is that it’s a good sign for Na. He can say pretty confidently that his swing is locked in. The other side of the coin is the thought that you never want to waste a shot like that during a practice round.

We’ll find out which category Na falls into soon enough.

But one thing is sure. Na is becoming famous for what he’s said and done before majors.

Oh, and Na, as well as every golfer in the field, would pay good money to hit that shot during competition.