Kevin Durant explains why he didn’t want to play for home-town Wizards

The dream of Kevin Durant going to the Washington Wizards was dead long before the team failed to secure a meeting with Durant last summer.

“For me, I never played at home. I didn’t know what it would be. I know every time I go back it’s pretty hectic, and I just wanted to focus on basketball and not have to worry about a lot of stuff that comes with being at home,” Durant told the Washington Post. “It’s always good going back, but I would rather play in a different city.”

Even at age 17, when Durant was choosing where to go to school, he “wanted to get out.” That led him to choose Texas, just as it led him to the Golden State Warriors this summer.

This sentiment can’t come as a surprise to Wizards fans after Durant didn’t take a meeting with the team over the summer, but will likely be disappointing nonetheless. The pipe dream of Durant coming home in free agency this summer, should he exercise a player option, is officially dead, as is any other dream that involves KD eventually donning red and blue.