Keith Hernandez leaves Mets broadcast to get a pretzel

Mets fan
Nov 1, 2015; New York City, NY, USA; A general view of the big apple outside of Citi Field in game five of the World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night brought another disappointing game in the midst of a tremendously disappointing season for the New York Mets. How bad was it? While broadcasting Tuesday for SNY, announcer and Mets legend Keith Hernandez briefly left the booth. Why? Well, he was hungry.

Even better is that there will be no blaming Roger McDowell for this incident. We have video proof.

Indeed, Tuesday’s game was not going well for the Mets. By the end of the second inning, the St. Louis Cardinals led 4-0.

Hernandez has told the story that after he made out in the 10th inning in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, he went into the clubhouse, grabbed a beer, and stayed there through the entire rally that culminated with Mookie Wilson’s famed grounder through Bill Buckner’s legs. Perhaps he was trying the same karma here.

It did not work.