Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: LaVar Ball ‘isn’t doing his sons any good’

Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball

Legendary Los Angeles Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t a big fan of what LaVar Ball is doing, particularly as it affects his sons.

Appearing with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on the His and Hers & SC6 podcast, Abdul-Jabbar was asked by Hill what he thought about the way Ball promotes his sons and the Big Baller Brand.

“I don’t think LaVar Ball is doing his sons any good,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “He seems to be just somebody that’s out there trying to bring all the attention that he can to himself, and I don’t know what the purpose is for that. His sons are good athletes. Let them do their thing. I think he should step into the background.”

Sorry Kareem. That’s not happening.

Ball has produced a non-stop barrage of self-promotion the past half year or so, dating back even before he said Lonzo Ball is better than Stephen Curry right now. His brash nature has turned many off, and some reports indicate his involvement in his son’s affairs could affect his draft stock.

He famously started the Big Baller Brand with a ridiculously overpriced shoe collection, which the Internet mercilessly tore to shreds.

Most recently, Ball made some chauvinistic comments about how he’ll never market his Big Baller Brand to women. During the same interview, he told Fox Sports co-host Kristine Leahy to “stay in your lane,” while refusing to even look at her while he said it.

Time will tell if Ball has a master plan that will make him look brilliant or if his methods will result in catastrophic failure for himself, his brand and his sons. The only thing we know for sure is that Ball leaves no room for middle ground. You either love him or you hate him.