Unfortunately for those of us who love the NBA, we’re going to be having to deal with LaVar Ball for the next decade or so. His son, Lonzo, is considered one of the top prospects heading into the 2017 NBA Draft.

At this point, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the elder Ball is going to act as nothing less than a central figure in his son’s playing career. He continues to spout off in a way we have not seen from anyone of his ilk in the recent past.

During Thursday’s appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, LaVar took it to a whole new level, continuing to target women in a way that could be seen as misogynistic.

“Stay in your lane. I don’t even worry about her over there,” Ball told Fox Sports co-host Kristine Leahy.

She then responded that it was disrespectful.

During the same appearance, LaVar was asked whether his Big Baller Brand would market women. His response was equally disrespectful.

This is most definitely a bad look, one that the powers to be within the NBA won’t take kindly to.

We’re in 2017. This type of misogynistic attitude has no place in today’s society. It’s that simple.