Kam Chancellor rips Seahawks’ defense for losing composure

Kam Chancellor
Courtesy of USA Today Images

It’s never uncommon to see post-play shoving matches at the end of plays in the NFL. Those are even more common in Seattle Seahawks games. According to Kam Chancellor, his team needs to cut down on those.

Chancellor also said his offense did more than enough to win the game but that the defense got “outside ourselves.”

This is more complicated than it seems.

Part of what’s made Seattle such a great team over the years is how tough its defense plays. Oftentimes, that toughness spills beyond the whistle.

But plays like this one were far too common in the Seahawks Divisional Round loss to the Atlanta Falcons. At times, it appeared as though Seattle’s players were more focused on the post-play scuffle than on the play itself. That’s something that can never happen, but it seems to happen all too often with this team, which faced accusations of dirty play after the whistle on more than one occasion this year.

If the Seahawks are going to get back to championship level, they can’t lose their aggressiveness on defense. But too often on Saturday, it looked like their aggressiveness led to a loss of focus as well. That’s something that can’t happen.