WATCH: Julian Edelman creates another awesome ‘Growing Pains’ spoof for Pats

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After recently trolling the Los Angeles Rams in epic fashion, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman created a sequel to his 2015 Super Bowl-themed movie, “Growing Pats.”

His new video is titled “Growing Pats 2.” It stars a montage of Patriots players being featured to the theme song for the 1980’s-90’s hit family comedy, “Growing Pains.”


This is another amazing creation by Edelman. He managed to once again dig up old photos and footage of some of his teammates as young kids. And, we have to laugh at him inserting a video of quarterback Tom Brady, who was left hanging by his teammates as he waits for someone to assist him off the ground.

This is good stuff and A-plus work from Edelman in our book.

The Patriots will join forces against the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday in the attempt to hoist the Lombardy once again.