Report: Redskins not actively pursuing Josh Rosen, focused on college QBs

Lately, there has been a heck of a lot of smoke behind the rumor that the Washington Redskins are going hard after Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen.

Well, on Wednesday, they hosted Daniel Jones, and they’re also slated to host Dwayne Haskins later this week. On that note, speaking on the team’s plans at this position, Mike Garafolo said on NFL Network Wednesday that the Redskins are not actively pursuing Rosen at this time.

Adding to this, Ian Rapoport tweeted that Washington is more focused on college quarterbacks right now.

Whether that’s the smart move or not remains to be seen. Arizona is said to be sticking to a high price tag for Rosen, even if the Cardinals do land Kyler Murray atop the draft like many expect.

However, Rosen could very well be better than any of the rookie quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. Even if the Redskins had to give up a first-round pick for him, they could be better off in the long run pursuing that option. It’s either that or risk that same pick on a rookie in a year in which there are heavy risks involved with every top quarterback.