Jordan Jenkins rips media for twisting his words ‘for clickbait’

By Jesse Reed

New York Jets outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins is furious that words he spoke Sunday were twisted around and used for “clickbait” headlines.

Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders absolutely dominated the Jets in Week 2. At one point during the blowout Marshawn Lynch — who scored his first Raiders touchdown, playing in his first home game in his home town — got caught up in the celebration with his fans in a glorious display of joyful dancing (watch here).

After the game, Jenkins was asked about that moment.

And here’s where things get weird. Because in no way did Jenkins criticize Lynch for what he did. In fact, he said essentially, teams that play poorly have to deal with the consequences. Yet ESPN and other sites twisted his words in a bad way, making it seem like Jenkins was furious with Lynch for what he did.

In fact, Jenkins made it clear that he’s a huge Marshawn Lynch fan and has “nothing but respect for the man.”

Clearly, Jenkins did not say Lynch’s dancing was the thing that made him mad. It’s just a lesson for all of us to be careful not to twist people’s words around.

Also, Jenkins should be proud of himself for taking a stand against having his words turned around for the sake of sensationalism.