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John Mara won’t rule out trading Odell Beckham Jr.

John Mara noted on Sunday that he’s not racing to give a contract extension to Odell Beckham Jr. Not only that, but the New York Giants owner is actually open to the idea of dealing his star receiver.

Mara was asked if Beckham could be on another roster come Week 1. Noting the team’s dismal 2017 season, Mara would not dismiss the possibility.

“I can’t answer that one way or the other,” he said, per Kevin Seifert of ESPN. “We’re certainly not shopping him. Again, when you’re coming off a season when you’re 3-13 and played as poorly as we played, I wouldn’t say that anyone is untouchable.”

While Mara has noted that Beckham’s recent video doesn’t help his status with the team, this is a different issue. The Giants were one of the NFL’s worst teams in 2017, topping only the winless Cleveland Browns. Only unlike Cleveland, the Giants entered 2017 as a Super Bowl favorite.

The New York offseason has also already included trading another longtime Giant, Jason Pierre-Paul. Coming off of such a bad season, it’s hard to be too loyal to anyone who contributed to it.

Beckham played in only four games in 2017, missing the rest of the season with injuries. New York was 0-4 in those games.

Obviously, a trade is still a long way from happening. But if the right offer comes the Giants’ way, it’s certainly something that could happen.