John Elway decries Broncos’ interest in QB as ‘fake news’

The Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation is less than stellar heading into their first preseason game. Second-year quarterback Paxton Lynch has struggled big time in camp. And while Trevor Siemian has separated himself from the pack, there’s still a lot of questions at this position.

It led to one recport on Wednesday morning indicating that the Broncos were “aggressively” pursuing Cincinnati Bengals backup A.J. McCarron.

Well, newly-extended Broncos general manager John Elway took to Twitter to snuff out that report almost immediately after it made its way to the water cooler.

If you want a bit of entertainment, check the responses from Broncos fans regarding Elway’s use of “fake news.”

In any event, the idea of Denver trading for McCarron doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense. First off, Cincinnati is unlikely to move the valuable backup to a fellow AFC Playoff contender.

Secondly, the Broncos just exhausted a first-round pick on Lynch. Would they really be willing to give up another high-round selection for a soon-to-be free agent? We’re not too sure.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the Broncos’ quarterback situation plays out during the preseason. But in reality, whoever wins the job is currently on the roster. Elway made that clear Wednesday.