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John Collins appears set to stick with Atlanta Hawks

Andrew Buller-Russ

As one of the names most commonly mentioned in trade rumors this offseason, John Collins almost seemed like a sure bet to be traded by the Atlanta Hawks over the summer.

With the Vegas Summer League in the rearview, we’re now hearing of veterans participating in Drew League games to stay busy.

That’s just what Collins did on Saturday afternoon. Only he was also joined by his Hawks teammate Trae Young, who combined for several highlight-worthy plays. Could the offseason connection mean Collins is in Atlanta to stay? Or at least for this offseason?

Trae Young, John Collins relationship on good terms

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta Hawks
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John Collins and Trae Young getting together for the Drew League is a noteworthy event, as we’ve heard rumors suggesting the high-flying power forward isn’t thrilled with his offensive role in Atlanta. Yet, perhaps those suggestions just emanate from other teams dreaming of trading for Collins.

Hawks general manager Landry Fields recently spoke with Mark Medina of NBA.com and they discussed Collins and how he fits what Atlanta is building. He suggested Collins only gets linked in so many trade rumors because he’s a highly sought-after player by many teams.

“John is a valuable player. The truth of the matter is that John Collins is still on the Hawks. We still have value in him, too. This isn’t one of those, ‘We have to get off of John.’ That’s absurd. There’s a misinterpretation of that. It’s something where it’s less about wondering if he’s the long-term fit and it’s more about the fact that he gets called on a lot. The moment those calls come up, people talk. Then all of a sudden, here we are in the media with this thought that John Collins is not wanted by the Hawks.”

Hawks GM Landry Fields on John Collins trade talks

If there’s one takeaway from Young and Collins teaming up in the offseason, it’s that there’s no beef here. Collins is under contract through the 2024-25 season, with him having a $26.5 million player option the next year.

Of course, a cynic might suggest that Collins and Ice Trae teaming up in the Drew League could be because the duo knows it could be the last time they suit up as teammates. But that doesn’t seem likely at this stage in the offseason.

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