Joe Maddon has hilarious line about Anthony Rizzo as leadoff

Joe Maddon

While the Chicago Cubs entered Tuesday’s game on a five-game winning streak, their offense has been stagnant. During the winning streak, Chicago has scored no more than three runs during a game. Manager Joe Maddon had a number of ideas on how to spark the offense, but settled on batting Anthony Rizzo in the lead off position.

Well, if that’s not a textbook Maddon quote, we don’t know what is. We certainly would like to see how a python, magician, or breakdancer in the Cubs’ clubhouse would go over in the Cubs’ clubhouse. Still, there’s no sense in not trying the obvious first.

Rizzo led off for the Cubs 14 times in 2017. In those games, he hit .300/.373/.680. The Cubs were 6-8 in those games and averaged 4.64 runs a game.

And if the strategy doesn’t work this year, at least we know that Maddon has a Plan B in place.