Joe Buck wonders if Tony Romo realizes how hard broadcasting is

Tony Romo

NFL free agent quarterback Tony Romo chose a CBS broadcast booth over a playing field this year. At least it appears that way for now.

Knowing it is no easy job, famed broadcaster Joe Buck had some words of advice while lending a vote of confidence to Romo.

“I think Tony’s a good person. He’s got a big heart. He wants to do well. I’m sure he will. But it’s going to be a lot. I don’t know that he’s aware of how much it’s going to take to step into that booth and go 100 mph,” Buck said per sportsday.dallasnews.com.

Romo was offered Phil Simms’ job at CBS after the Dallas Cowboys put Romo up for trade. He quickly accepted the new role.

Buck elaborated on what a huge responsibility Romo will be taking on, covering some of the downside.

“It’s a big job. You know as well as I do, Mike, that there’s a level of scrutiny that seems to intensify every year over the year prior. I think it’s a more demanding job than people realize. Fans think you just show up and start talking about football and throwing stuff against the wall. You and I know very well that’s not the case. It is a highly scrutinized position, whether you’re the play-by-play guy or the analyst, at that level.”

Buck didn’t stop there. He was asked if Romo resuming Simms’ role makes quarterback Troy Aikman the “top NFL in-game analyst.”

“I think so. I think he combines everything. I think he combines work, studying, authority and the knowledge of what it takes to win. He doesn’t have to prove every time he opens his mouth that he knows what it takes to win. His words carry such weight. He has to be really be careful sometimes with what he says. In this day and age, you’re answering for everything you say all week long until you go to the game the next week.”

Romo joins Troy Aikman as the second big-time Dallas quarterback to make this transition. There is certainly going to be a learning curve as there is with any new job. But CBS has clearly gone all in with Romo, so it must have faith in him to do a respectable job.

Those who listened to Romo’s speech when he conceded his starting quarterback role to Dak Prescott know how eloquent he can be with his words.

We will see how Romo handles his next job soon enough. This is provided he actually stays retired, which some speculate he will not.