Jimmy’s Seafood offering Allen Robinson ‘free crab cakes for life’ if he signs with Ravens

Jimmy’s Seafood is a famous restaurant in Baltimore, and the establishment’s love for pro sports teams in its city is well documented at this point. Manny Machado landed free crab cakes for life after brawling with Yordano Ventura back in 2016, and Jeremy Maclin landed the same deal for signing with the Ravens last year.

Now, with free agency looming and the Ravens still in desperate need for receivers, Jimmy’s Seafood is reaching out to Allen Robinson.

While crab cakes are seriously delectable treats nobody in their right mind could resist, Robinson likely won’t be a guy the Ravens pursue. Baltimore is in one of the worst situations against the cap right now of any team in the league, and Robinson is going to have some suitors with deep pockets.

Still, we have to admire Jimmy’s Seafood for doing what it can to help the Ravens pull out of their recent funk.