Jimmy Graham Doesn’t Believe he Committed OPI

With the game tied at 24 against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw up a last-second haily mary in an attempt to win the game in regulation.

Scrambling to get their defense set, the 49ers put themselves in a horrible situation as the play continued. And in less-than-surprising fashion, all-everything tight end Jimmy Graham was on the receiving end of the haily mary.

He came down with the ball in what looked to be a game-winning touchdown.


Unfortunately for Graham and the Saints, he was called for pushing off on defensive back Perrish Cox, who also committed a major flop here.

Regardless of the flop, it’s rather obvious that Graham did indeed push off. Just don’t tell that to him (via ESPN.com).

It was definitely not a push-off. I’m running down the field telling myself, ‘Whatever you do, don’t push off. It’s interesting how guys grab me everywhere on the field and I put literally two fingers on somebody and they make that kind of call.

The general consensus is, you go down there, you can kick somebody in the chest and go up there and get it and you’ll be fine,” Graham said. “But apparently not.

Now whether these should be called at the end of the game is one thing. But to indicate that he didn’t push off…well Graham might want to watch the video.

New Orleans ended up losing 27-24 in overtime, dropping its record on the season to 4-5.