Jim Tomsula spotted packing up 49ers locker room for road trip

Jim Tomsula isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

The brand new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers is as humble a guy as you can find in the NFL. He clearly doesn’t see any job as being too insignificant for him, including the job of gathering his players’ equipment and clothes for their road trip to Pittsburgh.

San Francisco is headed out of town this weekend to visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. And, while most head coaches are busy putting the finishing touches on game plans, Tomsula is helping out the team’s road crew.

No doubt this is the kind of down-to-earth gesture that makes the coach one of the most loved guys in San Francisco’s locker room. He’s garnered the undying support of the likes of Justin Smith in the past, and perhaps now we understand why.

And, perhaps if the 49ers win on Sunday, improving to 2-0 to open the 2015 NFL season, Tomsula will be inclined to make this a tradition for all road contests.