Jim Harbaugh: Rams rumor ‘lies made up by our enemies’

Jim Harbaugh is the gift that keeps on giving.

From his quotes regarding how to attack each day to those regarding whole milk and steak, Harbaugh has always given the media, and his players, the right quotes to get them all in a tizzy.

Take, for example, his comments on the rumors that he is interested in the LA Rams head coaching position. Tuesday night at the Michigan Wolverines annual team banquet, Harbaugh stated that the rumors were “lies made up by our enemies.” per Dan Murphy of ESPN.

Now, we’re not sure about how other people may feel, but that is a fantastic quote.

As Michigan senior defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow stated following the banquet,¬†“The team got all riled up.”

“We don’t want any enemies infiltrating the fortress. We knew. Based on how much Coach Harbaugh loves the program and loves Michigan, you know he’s not leaving anytime soon, if ever.”

With how much Harbaugh has managed to get the Wolverines to buy into his philosophy in just two short seasons, it is no wonder the team has been on the cusp of the college football playoffs in both seasons.

“It’s ridiculous,” senior captain Jake Butt said Tuesday night. “If I’m not wrong, didn’t he take less money to come here? I don’t know if it’s a recruiting pitch from other schools or whatever is going on. I can’t even take it seriously.”

While Harbaugh was a very successful NFL head coach, going a fantastic 44-19-1 in four seasons as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, he has been described as the “Ultimate Michigan Man” and may never leave the school willingly.

Harbaugh is 20-5 in his two seasons at Michigan, with his next matchup being the Capital One Orange Bowl against No. 11 Florida State on Dec. 30.