Jerry Jones does not want to risk injury by playing Tony Romo in final weeks

The Dallas Cowboys have a good thing going on with a hot rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott and healthy veteran backup, Tony Romo.

Despite the outstanding play of Prescott, the team might yet need to fall back to Romo at some point if the youngster gets injured or ends up hitting a rookie wall heading into the playoffs. On that note, it’s easy to wonder if the Cowboys might be inclined to give Romo some in-game reps in the final weeks to get him sharpened up in case he’s needed.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t interested in that scenario playing out, however.

Jones has long been a strong Romo supporter and has talked up his veteran quarterback all season. That said, it sure sounds like he isn’t confident about Romo staying healthy. This goes directly against the narrative the Cowboys have been propagating this year — that Romo is not injury prone.

The truth cannot be denied, however, that Romo hasn’t been able to stay healthy since 2013.

If the Cowboys do need to rely on the veteran at any point this season or in the playoffs, they’re smart to hold off playing him until that time. With multiple back and clavicle injuries the past few years, he’s not as durable as he once was. One bad hit could be the end of it once again for Romo’s season, so playing him until he’s needed is a risk the Cowboys are smart not to take.