Jeff Fisher ‘not uncomfortable at all’ about job security with Rams

Jeff Fisher’s NFL resume could be featured in your dictionary under the word “mediocre.” He hasn’t led a team to a winning season since 2008, and he only has led two winning seasons since 2003. His 2016 Los Angeles Rams sit at 3-5, yet the head coach doesn’t have a care in the world about his job security.

“Not uncomfortable at all,” said Fisher when asked how he felt about his future with the team being undetermined beyond this season, per Alden Gonzalez of ESPN.

Fisher made sure to clarify his stance on this team’s dismal record, however.

“I’m uncomfortable because I didn’t expect to be 3 and whatever we are. But I’m not uncomfortable at all. I never look over my shoulder. No, we’re moving on. Stan (Kroenke) and I are on the same page, he understands what we’ve been through, he’s as disappointed as I am at the losses — two three points and a seven-point the last three games. He understands that we’re competitive, and we’re doing everything we can to turn this thing around.”

To Fisher’s point, Kroenke must be used to being “competitive” without the benefit of winning.

Since he brought Fisher on board in 2012, the Rams have gone 30-41-1. Even sporting some good seasons with the Tennessee Titans, Fisher’s all-time record sits at 172-161-1.

In fact, Fisher is just five losses away from becoming the losingest coach in NFL history.

We wonder on a regular basis how Fisher continues to keep his job. This year, he sports the NFL’s No. 7-ranked defense, last year’s Offensive Rookie if the Year and a rabid Los Angeles fan base that is literally chanting for No. 1 overall draft pick, Jared Goff, to get his chance to play (more on that here).

Meanwhile, Fisher continues to stick with Case Keenum at quarterback — a guy who also defines mediocrity — with the stubborn temperament of a donkey refusing to move an inch.

The thing that baffles this scribe is that Fisher likely has no reason to feel uncomfortable. He probably won’t get fired, even if the Rams lose the rest of their games this season.

Somehow, he has this power to stay employed even though his performance doesn’t warrant continued employment. At this point, we’re wondering what kind of dirt he has hidden in a safe somewhere on the NFL’s powerful figures.