Jay Cutler has no idea how to retire from the NFL

By Vincent Frank

Former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s playing days are over. The much-maligned figure announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this year, taking a job broadcasting games for Fox in the process.

But Cutler himself has absolutely no clue how to actually retire from football.


“Is there actual paperwork?” Cutler asked on a recent podcast with ESPN’s Adam Schefter (h/t CBS Sports). “Someone send it to me, because I called the (NLFPA) and they acted like it didn’t exist. They were like ‘it’s just your 401k and all this stuff’ … so (if) there’s actual paperwork, someone send it to me, because I’m ready for all this.”

We’re not sure why anyone in the NFLPA would suggest that Cutler wouldn’t have to file retirement paperwork. It’s well known, even outside of the football playing community.

For his part, Cutler is definitely retired. He has no plans to return to the gridiron. He made that more than clear.

“If it’s in December, I’m probably not in shape to play football anyway,” Cutler continued. “Quarterback just isn’t one of those positions that you jump in to play.”

Cutler retired from the game after no team showed interest in his services as a free agent. This has led to speculation that he might decide to return should an opportunity present itself. As of right now, that surely doesn’t look to be the case.