Jason Garrett: Cowboys will ‘continue to believe in’ Ezekiel Elliott

Jason Garrett

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett threw his support behind Ezekiel Elliott on Wednesday while abstaining to comment on the latest developing story revolving around the young star running back.

The Cowboys and the NFL will continue to investigate exactly what happened on the night in which Ezekiel Elliott may or may not have punched a man in a Dallas bar. There have been conflicting reports by people who say they were there at the bar, and at this point we may never know the truth unless video emerges.

What we do know for certain is that Elliott still continues to put himself into situations where he can get into trouble. He recently acknowledged that he needed to maintain a lower profile, but apparently he forgot about that idea.

One Cowboys legend gave him a piece of advice he’d be smart to take to heart¬†following this latest incident.

Undoubtedly one of the most talented young men in the NFL, Elliott is still facing potential discipline from the NFL for his previous off-field incidents. We’ll be following along as things continue to develop to see how they unfold.