Jake Butt has no regrets after knee injury in Orange Bowl

Playing in what some would call a “meaningless bowl game,” Michigan tight end and projected first-round draft pick Jake Butt suffered a potentially severe knee injury.

Despite this, an injury which was believed to be to either the MCL or ACL, Butt stated that he has no regrets on his decision to play in the bowl game.


With star players such as Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey deciding to sit out their respective bowl games to prepare for the NFL Draft, Butt’s injury can be propped up as the prime reason why bowls are meaningless.

Just don’t tell him that.

While players have every right to make their decision, people must realize that not every situation is the same — what may be motivating factors to stay out for one player may push another to play.

Regardless, Butt has no regrets on his choice, and while it may hurt his NFL draft stock he obviously wouldn’t trade his time at Michigan for anything else. And that might be something NFL personnel folks see as a huge positive working in his favor in April.