J.J. Watt on ‘Hard Knocks’ cameras: ‘I don’t even notice them’

Many NFL players have kvetched about the invasive nature of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series, but J.J. Watt isn’t one of them.

The all-world defensive lineman says he hasn’t even noticed the cameras since the Houston Texans opened up their doors to the show’s massive crew, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

That may sound like hyperbole, but to Watt, apparently having his every move captured on film isn’t something new, as ESPN’s Tania Ganguli relayed.

It’s true.

Watt, like Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, is followed everywhere by cameras and reporters. Thankfully, just about everything he does is as wholesome as it gets, and most of the news with his name attached to it features one noble deed after another put into action by his mighty hand.

Whether it’s Watt being hugged and kissed by an adorable girl at training camp, a photo op with Jennifer Aniston (Watt’s huge crush) or his marriage “proposal” to a star-eyed six-year old girl, Watt’s every move is being chronicled by the media.


People cannot get enough of this big teddy bear off the field, nor can they get enough of his phenomenal brutality on it.

So maybe Watt isn’t just blowing smoke about all the cameras in Texans camp this summer. One thing’s for sure, we cannot wait to see what they capture when the first “Hard Knocks” episode airs on HBO on Tuesday, August 11 at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images