J.J. Watt consumes up to 9,000 calories a day, including a giant potato pancake omelet

By Rachel Wold

When you are as big a boy as Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt—who stands six-foot-six and weighs 290 pounds—you need to eat a ton to maintain that size and physical strength.

Therefore, Watt has to consume mounds of food to keep up with the energy he burns working out. According to Watt and his trainer, the pass rusher even added a bit of junk food to his diet which amounts to anywhere from 6,000 to 9,000 calories a day.

Watt claims he feels better than ever and divulged one particular meal that tickles his fancy:

“I love brunch,” Watt said (via ESPN). “Brunch is my favorite meal. I went there, had brunch, had a massive potato pancake omelet, which is an omelet inside a potato pancake. Then I had stuffed French toast with berries and stuff. My cheat meals aren’t even that exciting. That was my cheat meal. The omelet is still pretty darn healthy. The stuffed French toast was the cheat meal, but that was delicious.”

Watt also claimed he was craving fat in his diet and has since started wrapping some of the chicken breasts he eats in bacon, per the direction of his trainer. Mmm, bacon. Avocados are also a favorite of Watt’s.

If Watt’s diet consisted of only chicken, bacon and avocados, he would have to consume about 20 pieces of chicken, 13 avocados and a heart-stopping 50 pieces of bacon a day to maintain 9,000 calories. This is why he has to add in items like potatoes, eggs and breads.

Until Watt started to include a cheat meal in his daily diet to help boost the calories, he said it was difficult trying to maintain that level of food intake:

“It’s literally, if I’m not working out, I eat the whole time I’m not working out,” Watt said. “It’s exhausting. You have to force feed. You have to force yourself to eat food.”

One can only imagine what Watt’s grocery bill looks like on a weekly basis. We’re also wondering, who washes the dishes after all of that elaborate cooking? Watt’s kitchen must resemble that of a small restaurant to keep this food cycle churning.