Is it a clue? Rob Gronkowski taking hot yoga class in Miami

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is trying to figure out if Rob Gronkowski is going to return for another season in the NFL, but the New England Patriots star has kept quiet since the Super Bowl.

It’s not a statement, but one could surmise that Gronk is, indeed, getting his body ready for another NFL campaign based on what he’s been up to in Miami. Omar Kelly, a Miami Dolphins beat writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, shared a picture of Gronkowski attending a hot yoga class his wife is involved in.

Doing yoga would be one of the best possible things Gronk could do to work on the famed pliability that TB12 trainer Alex Guerrero preaches. He looks trim and healthy in the picture, lending credence to the notion he will be playing football next year.

At this point, Gronkowski is either still unsure about his NFL future or just wants to keep it secret. Even his agent isn’t sure about his decision, so until we know we’ll just have to continue reading the tea leaves and scanning social media for clues.