Is Chip Kelly taking a pot-shot at Russell Wilson’s Recovery Water?

By Rachel Wold

Is Chip Kelly new spokesman for Russell Wilson’s Recovery Water?


The Philadelphia Eagles head coach addressed the press on Thursday, and, not surprisingly, he spent some time answering questions about safety Malcolm Jenkins playing last weekend even though he knew he was concussed against the Dallas Cowboys.

Addressing one reporter’s question about whether the Eagles do anything to “stay ahead of the curve” when it comes to concussions, Chip Kelly said no but that other “people say they drink a certain water,” per The Big Lead.

He then went on to say the only thing the team can do is practice proper tackling techniques. As for Kelly’s comment about a “certain water”, we can probably conclude that he is referring to Russell Wilson’s Reliant Recovery Water that the quarterback attributed to preventing concussion symptoms.

Of course, Wilson later claimed he never had a concussion but that the nanobubbles helped him to not get one.

In all seriousness though, the real issue here was Jenkins playing when he knew something wasn’t right in his head.

“I was in a fog,” Jenkins said after participating in his first practice of the week, via “It was like being a rookie. The game was moving really fast. As the game went on, I felt better. I knew something wasn’t right.”

Jenkins admitted on Thursday he got hurt while tackling running back Darren McFadden during the second quarter. The fact that he didn’t tell anybody how he felt until after the game was undeniably a terrible decision on his part.

And, it is interesting that Kelly would attempt to joke around about the issue.