Indianapolis Colts Bench Andrew Luck

By Rachel Wold

Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck and the entire Colts’ team are just a hot mess as the team is currently being shut out by the Dallas Cowboys 42-0. With enough of Luck turning over the ball left and right, the Colts benched him in the third quarter in favor of Matt Hasselbeck.

At this time, it looks like Luck, who has thrown two costly interceptions, is done for the day as he sits on the bench after only completing 109 passing yards and zero touchdowns. As for Hasselbeck, he’s already managed a turnover of his own as the Colts’ ship just sinks further into the ocean today.

The only folks happy in Dallas today are the Cowboys who will clinch the NFC East title with this victory over the Colts today.

And in reality, the benching of Luck has more to do with not wanting to risk his health in what has already been a disastrous game for a team that’s clinched a division title.