Hue Jackson sounds like a broken record as losses pile up

By Rachel Wold

It is the same old story, week in and week out. When Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson talks to the press, the team’s winless record inevitably comes up as a topic of conversation.

Speaking of records, Jackson sounds like a broken one as he says the Browns are “trying every week to do something about it“.

Jackson says he knows there is “fight in the room” as weekly discussions take place in the locker room about the team’s losing situation.

For what it is worth, the Browns have not won a game since Dec. 24, 2016. That was exactly 11 months ago for those who keeping track. Since Hue Jackson became the head coach, the Browns have a record of 1-25.

Cleveland remains in search of a franchise quarterback that can push the team to the next level. Rookie DeShone Kizer shows promise, but the Browns are not suddenly going to turn into playoff material overnight as he matures.

With only six games left on the schedule, the Browns are in desperation mode to change course. Unfortunately, the team will be up against some of the league’s stiffer defenses starting with the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 12.

As for Jackson, his job moving forward hangs on the team starting to win. We already called him out as one of 10 NFL head coaches that deserves to be fired.