How the firing of Dell Demps impacts Anthony Davis situation

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans’ decision to fire longtime general manager Dell Demps on Friday sent shock waves throughout the NBA.

It’s not that the firing was all too surprising. The writing had been on the all for some time now. Instead, it’s all about the timing. New Orleans moved on from Demps a week-plus after he failed to trade embattled All-Star Anthony Davis.

According to media reports, that certainly played a role in Friday’s move.

Davis suffered a shoulder injury during Thursday’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s just the continuation of what has been a drama-filled past few weeks after Davis requested a trade from the Pelicans.

Here’s how the firing of Demps impacts what will be an active summer session for the Pelicans — namely on the Anthony Davis front.

Everything is fluid: Until New Orleans has a full-time general manager, nothing will happen.

  • The Pelicans certainly have time to go through an extensive GM search. Internal options are being discussed, but it’s going to be a wide-ranging search.
  • Given that free agency is still months away, New Orleans can do its due diligence in regards to said search. This includes an internal option in that of Danny Ferry.

Next GM will have a huge initial task: It’s all about Anthony Davis, stupid.

  • This was made clear following Friday’s firing of Demps. The Pelicans’ brass — owner Gayle Benson included — was not happy about how the former GM handled the Davis’ situation.
  • It’s monumental in that a likely Davis trade will shape the Pelicans’ future for years to come. He should net one of the biggest returns in a trade in NBA history.
  • In addition to draft picks, the unnamed new general manager will have to add at least two core pieces to the roster to make a trade worth it.

Lakers are no longer off the table: Demps did not want to work with Los Angeles.

  • That has now changed big time. Whoever takes over for Demps will be working with a clean slate. Whatever transpired between the Lakers and Pelicans over the past few weeks is irrelevant.
  • It remains to be seen if the Lakers’ Godfather offer will still be on the table come July. But one has to think president Magic Johnson won’t hold his cold relationship with Demps against the new GM.