House-Cleaning Expected for the Chicago Bears Next Week

By Vincent Frank

The Chicago Bears are expected to completely clean house once their campaign draws to a conclusion following their season finale against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Quarterback Jay Cutler indicated earlier this week that “everyone could be axed,” while whispers around league circles tell us a story of a Bears ownership group that’s ready to move on from the old guard. 

This would include team president Ted Phillips, general manager Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman.

Phillips was named CEO and president of the Bears back in 1999. Seemingly against change, the executive has resided over only three head coaches during his tenure as the team’s president.

Emery, who can be considered public enemy No. 1 in Chicago, started his NFL career as a scout for the Bears before taking on scouting positions in Atlanta and Kansas City. He returned as the Bears general manager in 2012, a stint that can be defined by draft miss after draft miss.

And finally, Trestman is finishing up his second season as the Bears head coach. Unable to win the division after a Week 17 loss last December, the Bears have been a hot mess under him in 2014. Currently 5-10 on the season, Chicago faces the real possibility of finishing the season with its worst record since 2004, Lovie Smith’s first season as the team’s head coach.

If Chicago does decide to clean house, the first step will be to hire a president to replace Phillips. At that point, the new executive would look to bring in his own general manager and head coach.

Photo: Chicago Tribune