Here’s Rob Gronkowski dancing with locals in The Bahamas

Rob Gronkowski

The Summer of Gronk has not officially started yet. Once Memorial Day comes and goes, all bets are off regarding the New England Patriots tight end and his bachelor lifestyle. But it seems that Gronkowski — fresh off announcing he’ll play next season — is getting an early start on that party boy life.

Here’s a video of Gronk dancing with some locals while on vacation in The Bahamas.

Note the headpiece Gronkowski is wearing. It’s an ode to the locals as he dances around at the Junkanoo Carnival celebrating the island nation’s festive history.

We have to say Gronkowski has some rather awesome moves. It might not be the Gronk Smash, but we wouldn’t be opposed to the dude going with it during a touchdown celebration next season. He just needs to make sure Tom Brady knows the routine. Because, that would be 69 levels of glorious.