Pro Football Hall of Fame won’t refund travel, hotel for fans

Courtesy of USA Today Images

After cancelling the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday due to unsafe field conditions, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that it will refund game tickets.

Unfortunately for fans who attended the cancelled game, the refunds will stop there,¬†according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

This is certainly hard luck for anyone who went to Canton hoping to see a game. Obviously, it’s a preseason game. As such, stars like Andrew Luck were not likely to see much action anyway (Aaron Rodgers was already ruled out).

Still, the people went to go see a football game, many who had certainly traveled far, and it was cancelled because nobody could get a grasp on what should have been an avoidable problem.

With that said, this is the right call, albeit one that will certainly generate some controversy.

The Hall of Fame Game is only a part of the weekend. People traveled to Canton to visit the Hall of Fame and see the induction ceremonies, and those plans were not bothered.

Fans no doubt have the right to feel bitter, but the NFL and Hall of Fame only failed to produce the game. The rest of the weekend remained intact.

While the Hall of Fame Game’s cancellation is embarrassing for the league and frustrating for those who wanted to go, there’s no reason for the Hall of Fame to refund any additional money. Refunding ticket costs is completely necessary. Nothing else, however, should be reasonably expected.