Guy calls ‘The Herd’ before getting locked up, goes off on Kristine Leahy

Remember when LaVar Ball went on ‘The Herd,’ said something very derogatory to Kristine Leahy while refusing to look at her? We do. It’s something we won’t soon forget, and it’s one that was brought back up as Jason Whitlock and Leahy took calls on the show recently.

A guy called in — “James” — presumably from jail. He called collect and said he was in a hurry because he was about to get locked up, so we presume he was legitimately about to get locked up.

Leahy was surprised that the show was being broadcast from jail, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse (as if they weren’t already shady enough to begin with).

“That’s the reason LaVar told her don’t talk to him,” the guy said.

Whitlock wasn’t having it,  and Leahy wasn’t either.

Hopefully “James” learns some manners during his involuntary sabbatical, wherever he is.