Greg Olsen sets new NFL TE record with three straight 1,000-yard seasons

Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers

Given┬áthe history at the tight end position in the┬áNFL, from Mike Ditka to Tony Gonzalez to Rob Gronkowski, it’s remarkable what Carolina Panthers All-Pro tight end Greg Olsen did today.

With his third straight 1,000 yard season, Olsen did something that no other legendary tight end in the league has done.

This is simply amazing, especially considering the dominance of New England’s Rob Gronkowski in recent years as well as the legendary pass-catching tight end, Tony Gonzalez.

After being traded from the Chicago Bears for a mere third-round draft pick in 2011, it seemed as though Olsen would never live up to the massive potential he showed coming out of Miami.

Now, with a top quarterback throwing him passes and an offensive coordinator willing to use him, Olsen is making his mark on NFL history. He’s potentially on his path towards the Hall of Fame at this point, and given his relationship with Newton that scenario becomes more and more likely.