Greg Olsen chastises Kelvin Benjamin, praises Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers veteran tight end Greg Olsen has chimed in on the developing feud between Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin.

And let’s just say, he’s fully on the side of his quarterback in this one.

Before launching into what Olsen said on Sunday, let’s do a quick recap, shall we? On Saturday, Benjamin threw some serious shade at Newton, suggesting that he would have had much more early success in his career if he would have played with pretty much any other quarterback than Newton.

Newton responded first by essentially saying he wasn’t going to respond in any other way but preparing for the coming season. But then on Sunday before practice he couldn’t help but take a veiled shot at his former teammate.

After practice, Olsen had a couple of main things to say, essentially chastising Benjamin for not moving on before praising Newton for his role in accentuating his career.

Olsen said he would like to see Benjamin, “move forward to his new team, embrace his new opportunity, rather than go personal with it,” according to David Newton of ESPN. He also said Newton has been the best thing to “happen to my career” and said he does not know why Benjamin chose to attack Newton.

Wise words from the savvy vet. Hopefully Benjamin heeds them, rather than continuing to escalate this situation in the future.