Goran Dragic eye injury looks photoshopped, will keep him out Sunday

Miami Heat big man Goran Dragic took a punishing blow to his right eye Saturday night, and by Sunday the thing had swollen up so badly that photos look altered.

Not surprisingly, the injury will keep Dragic out of action for Sunday’s game against the Indiana Pacers.

Dragic ended up looking like a movie-star boxer after a title fight due to an errant elbow thrown by Toronto Raptors’ Cory Joseph. During the game, it was already evident that Dragic’s eye was swelling up significantly, and when he woke up Sunday morning it had gotten all the worse.

Not surprisingly, teammate Hassan Whitehead has a catchy new nickname for his mate.

“I call him Drago,” Whiteside said, referring to Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer from the film Rocky IV, per the Palm Beach Post. “I said ‘Rocky got you tonight.’”

“I must break him.”

Thankfully, “Drago” doesn’t have any damage to his eye. He just can’t see out of the right eye, which makes it impossible for him to play. Hopefully he can get onto the court again soon.