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Golden State Warriors star says athletes are also businessmen in defending Kevin Durant trade request

Jason Burgos
golden state warriors, draymond green
Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green wants NBA fans to know that he and other players are no longer just athletes. They are also businessmen making decisions that are in the best interest of them and the personal corporation they represent.

Green has long been a player unafraid to speak his mind on the game of basketball. It is why his “Draymond Green Show” podcast has become a headline-making piece of weekly media. It happened during the playoffs as he helped the Warriors win another championship this year, and it was once again a source on Thursday.

Yet what makes this latest adventure into the mind of Green interesting is that his latest hot take was made to defend a former teammate he didn’t necessarily have a great relationship with in Kevin Durant.

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After Durant recently asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, he was once again hit with similar complaints from fans that he endured when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to play for the Warriors. As some have questioned Durant’s toughness to grind through the drama in Brooklyn and rise to the challenges there.

Golden State Warriors great Draymond Green defends Kevin Durant trade request

golden state warriors, draymond green
Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

However, Green believes that is an unfair critique because fans don’t realize NBA players aren’t just athletes, they are also businessmen. And in the end, they have to make smart decisions in the best interest of the businesses they operate.

“People can’t accept the fact that athletes are now businessmen. And no longer just playing basketball. And at some point, people have to realize and be able to accept the fact that athletes are businessmen and we make business moves and business decisions. Because you are operating a business. I am operating Draymond Green Inc. So why, if Draymond Green makes a move — a business move — is it not viewed as just that.

Is that a good move for business or is it not? But to start calling somebody weak and they run from challenges, that’s baffling to me. Because that man has worked his entire life to be in that position where he controls where he goes next. And by the way, everybody in the NBA can’t control where they go next. So to be in that position, to have the opportunity to control what you do next, that’s the American dream.”

Draymond green defends durant trade request

Oddly enough, the Warriors are rumored to be in the running for Durant and many see them as having one of the best sets of assets to land the Nets star in a trade.

Green and Durant famously had a bench shouting match during their final season playing together in 2018-2019.