Report: Fred Jackson to sign one-day contract and retire as member of Bills

In surprising NFL news this Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills are working on an agreement to re-sign running back Fred Jackson.

But wait. It is not what you might think. The Bills are not attempting to feature the oldest roster of running backs. They are simply giving the 37-year-old Jackson the opportunity to officially retire as a Bill. The contract is a one-day deal.

However, this likely won’t be the last Jackson’s fans see of him. According to beat writer Nick Veronica, Jackson is going to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Jackson officially will leave his NFL career behind after playing eight years with the Bills. There he tallied 8,286 total yards and 37 touchdowns. He then spent one brief stint with the Seattle Seahawks in 2015 where he played with former Bills teammate Marshawn Lynch.

We wish Jackson all the best in his new career endeavors.