Former Redskins QB Jason Campbell speaks up about his time with the team

The Washington Redskins have just weeks left to secure quarterback Kirk Cousins long-term. As of present, Cousins is slated to play out his second season under franchise tender if the two parties don’t strike a deal before July 17.

This situation and other interesting offseason issues have created quite the buzz in the nation’s capital.

Weighing in on his time with the Redskins, retired quarterback Jason Campbell shared his thoughts on the team.

“The hard thing is the Redskins have a really big fan base and you fall in love with people in the D.C. area,” Campbell said, via Deron Snyder of The Washington Times. “That’s the part that makes you want to be there. Then there’s the football side of it. You have a good relationship with the guys who played before you. But the flip side is when you realize there’s a whole bunch of crazy going on.”

Right now, there is a lot of crazy going on. But it appears that is nothing out of the ordinary according to Campbell. The now retired quarterback was drafted 25th overall in 2005 after the Redskins moved up to select him. He started in 52 games, putting up a 20-32 record in the process.

After four seasons in Washington, Campbell spent time with the Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

As things stand now regarding the Redskins, this is the latest and perhaps craziest news. The team is willing to make Cousins the highest-paid quarterback rather than lose him to the San Francisco 49ers.

We thank Campbell for speaking up on what is likely the general consensus regarding the team’s current state of affairs.