Former Illinois Football Player Goes on Rant Against Head Coach

Former Illinois football player Simon Cvijanovic went off on a rant targeting the Illini football team as well as head coach Tim Beckman on Sunday.

Displaying anger and outright frustration, Cvijanovic  accused Beckman of abuse and “misuse of power.”

In a Twitter rant that lasted hours and included dozens of tweets, Cvijanovic didn’t back down when faced with questions from fans and former teammates.

Deadspin has a complete list of Cvijanovic’s tweets, but here are some of the highlights.

Cvijanovic then started directing his ire at Illinois current head football coach, at times mentioning him specifically.

It appears the angry rant stems from a meeting that Cvijanovic had with Beckman on Friday:

There was also an intriguing interaction between Cvijanovic and a former Illini teammate:

This was a pretty interesting rant from Cvijanovic, but there seems to be a lot more to this story than what he’s mentioning on social media.

The Illinois athletic department released a statement in response to Cvijanovic’s comments:

Simon Cvijanovic was a valued member of the University of Illinois football team. He chose to leave the team during the 2014 regular season and withdrew from the university before the end of the semester. Upon his return for the spring semester, we have continued to support him with medical care an academic scholarship and academic advising. We cannot make any student accept our support. We wish him success in completing his degree, and we wish him the best of success in whatever he pursues after he graduates.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Cvijanovic was a four-year starter along the Illinois offensive line from 2011-2014.

Photo: USA Today Sports