Fantasy Football for Chicks with Rachel Wold

This time on the Sportsnaut Unfiltered show TC is joined by the Fantasy Football crazed Rachel Wold. She is here to help put our female listeners at ease in the world of Fantasy Football and let you know that there is indeed fantasy football for chicks. More than that, women deserve to play in the same “leagues” as men! GASP!! Listen now…

Fantasy Football for Chicks:


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Rachel believes that everyone should be on a level playing field for fantasy football.  She is here today helping our listeners find what tools they can use to draft the perfect team! Once the team is drafted, you aren’t sure what to do? That’s okay, she shares some of her biggest secrets with TC about how to maintain a team through the season.

Fantasy Football for Chicks:

  • What to expect when playing in a male dominated fantasy league.
  • Who are the top two QB’s heading into 2014?
  • Listen in to find out more

Aside from all this fantasy talk TC and Rachel get down to real world things and talk about the latest free agency news.  So if you are sitting there thinking chicks can’t possibly know anything about football, we here at Sportsnaut challenge you to take a listen. Prepare to be blown away by Rachel!

Get to know more about Rachel Wold:

Rachel is the Founder of, and as you can imagine with a domain name like that she is a self-described football-obsessed wife and mom.   She writes on her own site, as well as contributing to our very own site here at Sportsnaut.  She is also a contributor over at  Please stop by any of her sites and check out just how much knowledge she has to offer!

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