Falcons fan chronicles father’s reactions during team’s Super Bowl meltdown

By Rachel Wold

The Atlanta Falcons appeared to be well on their way to a Super Bowl LI victory at halftime. The score was 21-3 as fans prepared to watch Lady Gaga take the stage for her halftime show.

It was about this time that a Falcons fan started to note her dad’s actions while he watched the television.

The girl jotted down this list of her dad’s reactions that went from being thrilled at one point to crying at the endĀ of the game.

It was a game that likely saw many Falcons fans share the same array of emotions. At one point midway through the third quarter, the Falcons had a 28-3 lead over New England. Unfortunately for the Falcons, they allowed Tom Brady and the Patriots to unleash 31 unanswered points in approximately 23 minutesĀ to close out the game.

The Patriots made the biggest comeback of all Super Bowl history and punched in an overtime victory, 34-28.

Sadness was, and likely still is, the major emotion all Falcons fans are still feeling. At least this log of events provides for a good chuckle.